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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Professional Toilet Installation

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Professional Toilet Installation

If you find yourself needing a new commode, answer these questions about your toilet and lifestyle prior to professional toilet installation.

If there were only one fixture or appliance in your home that you use every single day, it would likely be the toilet. You could get away with missing almost any other fixture for at least a day, but not the toilet. Still, for something so essential and useful, we really don’t think about toilets all that much — unless they break down, that is. When the toilet doesn’t work — or doesn’t work right — we end up thinking about it a lot. If you find yourself needing a new commode, here are some questions you should answer about your toilet and lifestyle before the day of professional toilet installation.

What Shape And Size Are Best?

You may not be aware of just how many options there are for toilets these days – there are a lot. Two of the fundamental choices come down to the height of the seat and the shape of the bowl. The two options for bowl shape are round and oval. Oval tends to be a popular choice because it fits the needs of more users. However, the oval bowl also sticks out further, so if you’re installing in a small space, it might not be the right choice. Seat height choices come down to a matter of comfort. The standard height is usually 14.5 inches, but if someone in your household is exceptionally tall, this could be uncomfortably low. There are toilets on the market specifically for taller folks that are usually about 16 inches. There are also handicap-rated toilets with a height of 17 to 19 inches for smoother transitioning for disabled folks.

How Much Will The Toilet Cost?

Before you fall in love with a toilet, make sure it fits your budget. There are many styles that come in a wide range of prices. There are also long term cost benefits of some toilets over others. Your bathrooms can use about 30% of your water consumption, so choosing eco-friendly fixtures is a smart choice. There also may be higher installation costs for some styles, such as pressure flushing toilets.

Is There Space For What I Want?

Remember that toilets take up space and have to meet code. If you’re adding a toilet where there hasn’t been one before, make sure you have room for clearance, usually 15 inches from the center and 2 feet in front of the toilet.

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