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Common Reasons for Toilet Repair

Common Reasons for Toilet Repair

In this week’s blog, we explore a variety of toilet malfunctions and problems that can cause you to need toilet repair.

If you live in Maryland, you have likely been working over the last few weeks (or months) to make sure you have everything you might need during the quarantine. In all of the panic, most people do not stop to consider the possibility of their plumbing malfunctioning while they are stuck at home. In this week’s blog, we explore a variety of toilet malfunctions and problems that can cause you to need toilet repair. The team at Metcalf Plumbing is still hard at work to make sure that our clients have their plumbing needs met, so be sure to call us if you experience any of the following issues with your toilet.

Water is Pooling Beneath Your Toilet

A little bit of water on your bathroom floor might seem like something you can leave alone for a little while. After all, most bathroom floors are designed to handle a little bit of water, right? In reality, you should contact a plumbing professional if you notice water pooling beneath your toilet. While it may simply be condensation from a hot shower, water at the base of your toilet can be indicative of a leak, a faulty wax seal, or bad connections or valves. Letting the water pool for an extended period can mean that you need more than toilet repair; you may need to replace the floor due to water damage.

The Water Level in Your Toilet Bowl Isn’t Right

If the water level in your toilet seems lower than usual, you may actually have a severe problem on your hands. A partial clog can cause water to siphon out of your toilet bowl. If a clog is not the culprit, your bowl’s interior piping may be cracked. If that is the case, you will likely need a new toilet bowl.

Your Toilet Won’t Flush, or it Flushes Randomly

Does your toilet have a phantom flush? If it is flushing at random without human intervention, there may be a problem with your flapper. Likewise, if your toilet refuses to flush, the flapper or other related components may be the issue. Regardless of the root cause of the problem, the team at Metcalf Plumbing is ready to help you determine the cause of your toilet issues and perform quality toilet repair.

Experience the Metcalf Plumbing Difference

Metcalf Plumbing is a customer-focused plumbing contractor serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Catonsville, Ellicott City and surrounding areas. From water heater installation, sump pump installation and repair to water and sewer line replacement, Metcalf Plumbing is a trusted resource to call on when you need help with your plumbing services. We are not commission-based and we provide honest, upfront costs with a thorough inspection of your system and suggested next steps. Our trained and courteous technicians are standing by to provide quality comfort at competitive prices. You can call us at 410-242-311 and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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