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4 Signs That It’s Time For A Sump Pump Replacement

Sump Pump Replacement

There are a few signs to watch out for that indicate that it’s time for a sump pump replacement.

Your sump pump plays an important role in the plumbing of your home. If your sump pump were to malfunction, you would have a flooding issue to deal with. This is why you should make sure to keep up to date with your sump pump maintenance; otherwise, sooner or later it will lead to a bigger issue. Eventually, a time will come when you will find yourself needing a sump pump replacement. Look out for these four signs that will indicate to you when it is time for a sump pump replacement.

1. Age

At a certain point, your sump pump is bound to stop working due to old age, meaning that it will be time for a sump pump replacement. A sump pump usually lasts around ten years, meaning that around that time you will be in need of a new sump pump replacement. Although you should also keep in mind other factors can cut the age down, such as usage, how far it carries the water, etc.

2. Noise

Uncommon noises are never a good sign when it comes to plumbing issues. In the occasion that your sump pump is making some unsettling noises, it might be time to look into a sump pump replacement. Unusual noises being made or louder than normal noises are occurring, then there is likely a problem with the motor of your sump pump. As a result, you will need a sump pump replacement as you do not want to be hearing these noises from your sump pump.

3. Running too much

A sump pump is only meant to run when the water in your home reaches a certain point to remove the water from your home. It is not meant to run continuously, especially if there is no water present for it to remove. You will need a sump pump replacement if it is running nonstop because it is clear it is unable to handle the water load it is meant to.

4. Turns on and off

Even if your sump pump is not running continuously, you may still have issues with it turning on and off. Your sump pump going through odd cycles of constantly turning on and off at times it is not supposed to. This could be for a variety of reasons, but nonetheless, it is a clear sign that you are in need of a sump pump replacement.

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