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Why is My Faucet Leaking?


Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet can be indicative of wider plumbing problems.

Plumbing can be a tricky business, so it is important that you hire a professional if you have a problem. If your faucet is leaking, it can ruin your whole day or even your entire week. A leaking faucet can be an indication of a bigger problem, so it is important to figure out the source of the problem as soon as possible. In addition to being an indication of a larger problem, a dripping faucet can waste a substantial amount of water over time. In fact, a leaking faucet can waste up to 3 thousand gallons of water every year. This is not only bad for the planet, but it can put a significant dent in your expenses as well. Keep reading to find out what can cause a leaky faucet so that you can put an end to these problems today!

Water Pressure

If you have really high water pressure in your pipes, then that could only be an underlying cause of your leaky faucet. If the water pressure is incorrectly distributed throughout your water system, it can lead to improper draining. This can make its way towards your faucet and make it begin dripping. If you think water pressure is the reason that you have a leaky faucet, it is important that you call a professional to come out and take a look at your situation because a water pressure issue can lead to other plumbing issues in your house like burst pipes or damage to your external fixtures.

Damaged Pipes

In most cases, a leaky faucet is caused by damaged or cracked pipes. A corroded or cracked pipe may cause a faucet to begin to drip externally. Broken pipes can also create issues with water pressure including instances such as an uneven flow of water. If you think that you may have a cracked or damaged pipe, you must call a professional immediately. This sort of problem can escalate rapidly, become very expensive, lead to leaks, flooding, or even large-scale water damage.

Bad Repairs and Installation

Your faucet may be leaking due to human error. This may occur if repairs or installation of any plumbing is done incorrectly. If the fixture is not seated properly or is some parts are not optimally attached, you may experience some leaking from the faults of others. Call a professional for an evaluation if you think this may be the case!

Questions? Metcalf Plumbing is Here to Help You

If you still have questions regarding your leaky faucet, Metcalf Plumbing is here to help you out. We service clients throughout Catonsville, Ellicott City, and surrounding areas. Not only are we not commission-based, but we provide you with honest, upfront costs plus a thorough inspection of your system and a list of suggested next steps. Call one of our trained technicians at 410-242-311. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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