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Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipe Repair

Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipe Repair

There are a few ways that you can avoid needing frozen pipe repair. Here are some strategies to help prevent frozen plumbing this winter.

Owning a home or business in Maryland comes with a slew of weather-related challenges. One of these challenges is keeping your pipes from freezing in the winter. Frozen plumbing can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner. Busted pipes, flooding, and expensive repairs are often the result of winter weather wreaking havoc on your plumbing. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can avoid needing frozen pipe repair and prevent frozen plumbing in the first place.

Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing

The best way to prevent winter plumbing issues is to anticipate problems before they arise. Inspect your home’s plumbing and look for problem areas. Outside faucets, irrigation systems, and plumbing that is close to your home’s exterior may be at risk for freezing. Identify these at-risk pipes and insulate or drain them. Getting your plumbing ready for winter is the first step you can take to prevent frozen pipes.

Keep Your Water Flowing and Your Pipes Warm

Although it can raise your heating bill, keeping your heat on is an excellent way to avoid needing frozen pipe repair. Try keeping your heat on and open any cabinets, doors, or closets that house plumbing behind them. Getting warm air into these areas can keep your pipes warm and prevent their contents from freezing. Another way to prevent damage is to open your faucets slightly. Keeping water flowing at a steady trickle may be enough to keep your pipes from freezing since standing water is more likely to freeze than running water.

Keep an Eye on Your Pipes

Getting ready for cold weather is often not enough; homeowners must keep a watchful eye on their pipes once the weather starts to dip. Inspect your visible plumbing regularly to ensure that no frozen pipes or leaks go unnoticed. Pay particular attention to fixtures that are not often used or that are in cold areas of your home.

Consult the Experts for Frozen Pipe Repair

You need to act quickly if you notice a frozen pipe, but do not panic. Call the experts at Metcalf Plumbing for frozen pipe repair as soon as you see an issue, and do not try to fix it yourself. Homeowners can sometimes thaw their plumbing only to find that the pipes had cracked and are spewing water. Leave frozen pipe repair to the professionals, and keep Metcalf Plumbing in mind for all of your winter plumbing needs.

Experience the Metcalf Plumbing Difference

Metcalf Plumbing is a customer-focused plumbing contractor serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Catonsville, Ellicott City and surrounding areas. From water heater installation, sump pump installation and repair to water and sewer line replacement, Metcalf Plumbing is a trusted resource to call on when you need help with your plumbing services. We are not commission-based and we provide honest, upfront costs with a thorough inspection of your system and suggested next steps. Our trained and courteous technicians are standing by to provide quality comfort at competitive prices. You can call us at 410-242-311 and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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