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4 Signs There Is An Issue With Your Gas Water Heater

4 Signs There Is An Issue With Your Gas Water Heater

Know the signs of trouble with your gas water heater!

Do you have a gas water heater in your home? Practically every home nowadays depends on hot water for tasks like bathing, doing the dishing, laundry, etc. When your gas water heater stops working or functioning optimally, it can be a real headache. It is important for homeowners with gas water heaters to be able to recognize the signs that there is something wrong with their systems so they can respond accordingly. We have compiled a list of a few common signs of trouble with gas water heaters.

You Are Not Getting Enough Hot Water

A clear sign of trouble with your gas water heater is if you are not getting enough hot water. This may because your system is over ten years old and needs a tune-up or just needs to be replaced entirely.

A High-Pitched Noise Is Coming From Your Water Heater

Have you noticed a high-pitched sound coming from your water heater? Not only is it annoying, but it probably means that there is something wrong with your system that needs to be corrected by a licensed professional as soon as possible.

Water Is Leaking From the Base Of Your Water Heater

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It is important for homeowners to understand that water is a very destructive element when it gets into the wrong places inside of your home. If you happen to discover that water is leaking from the base of your water heater, that is a clear sign that you need to pick up the phone and call in the professionals immediately. You do not want to mess around when it comes to water leaks. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting to have leaks fixed and it winds up costing them.

Your Water Heater Tank Is Rusty

Another sign to be wary of is visible rust on your water heater. If you have noticed that your system has accumulated a significant amount of rust there should be a reason for concern.

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