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4 Benefits of Gas Fireplace Installation

gas fireplace installation

Here are four benefits of gas fireplace installation that you should consider for your home.

When you think of plumbing professionals, fireplace installation is likely not on the forefront of your mind. However, Metcalf’s licensed plumbers have the knowledge and experience necessary to install gas appliances — including fireplaces — safely. Gas fireplace installation, aside from giving your home a beautiful and functional fire feature, has a slew of other benefits as well. Here are four benefits of gas fireplace installation that you should consider.

1. Cost-Effective

Although there are a few upfront costs involved in gas fireplace installation, the annual cost of operating a gas fireplace is often cheaper than operating a traditional wood fireplace. The amount of wood required to keep a fire going can be more expensive than gas, especially when you take into account the preparation and storage aspect of firewood. If stored improperly, firewood can rot and be unsafe to burn, which means that you’ll need to buy even more wood.

2. Consistent Heating

Gas fireplaces are made to provide more consistent heating than wood fireplaces. Instead of relying on the irregular burn rates and temperatures of logs and kindling, gas fireplaces provide heat by using gas to create consistent jets of flame. Many gas fireplaces can also be adjusted to provide more or less heat. With wood fireplaces, you have to rely on the number and quality of the logs to provide heat, and it can be very difficult to adjust the heat coming off of a wood fire.

3. Easy to Operate and Maintain

Unlike traditional wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces are incredibly easy to operate. Many turn on with the flip of a switch or knob, and they can be turned off just as easily. There is no need to cut, season, and store wood. You do not need to be a former youth scout to arrange logs, light kindling, and blow on coals to successfully start a gas fireplace. Their maintenance requirements are also less intensive than traditional fireplaces, which can require regular chimney cleaning and more to be used safely.

4. Safer Than Wood Fireplaces

A gas fireplace only burns as long as you need it to. You can turn off a gas fireplace with the flip of a switch instead of waiting for a fire to burn out, then soaking the ashes. You do not need to worry about coals jumping out of your gas fireplace and onto the carpet. Also, because gas fires do not produce soot and creosote, you do not need to worry about your flue clogging with residue. A gas fireplace eliminates the worry that a clogged flue will expose your family to toxic fumes and harmful levels of carbon monoxide, and you can enjoy a warm, safe fire in peace.

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