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Sewage & Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Sump PumpA sump pump is your best option for keeping your basement dry. If you consistently have problems with water in your basement, a new or upgraded sump pump system is the answer you’ve been looking for to keep your home dry and increase its value. A sump pump is an electric pump placed in a pit in the basement or lowest point of your home. During heavy rainstorms, water that would otherwise floor into your basement is diverted into the pit with a pump. When the water level reaches a certain point, the float valve on the sump pump activates and flushes the pump basically like a toilet, removing the water from your home so your basement doesn’t flood.

At Metcalf Plumbing, we’ve done many sump pump installations from scratch. Several of our customers have been pleasantly surprised to find that after we had installed a sump pit and pump in the lowest area of their basement, their flooding problems ended.

Sump Pump Suggestions

  • Frequent Sump Pump Testing is Recommended
  • Consider Adding a Back-Up System (Water or Battery)
  • Sump Pump Replacement
If you are in need of a replacement sump pump or sump pump repair in Catonsville or Ellicott City, please give us a call at 410-242-3111 or email us at les@metcalfplumbing.com

Sewage Pumps

Plumber Cleaning Out the Sewer Distribution Lines Below the StreetA sewage ejector pump is installed in a sealed pit (if inside) or in a holding tank with a lid (if outside). High capacity systems will also be equipped with a backup sewage pump and a control system. In most of the systems with multiple pumps the control system alternates which pump is activated to ensure even wear on the pumps. As waste water enters the pit it is allowed to accumulate to a set volume at which time a float will activate the pump and send the waste water either into a gravity drain or another tank depending on the application. There may also be an alarm integrated into control system to alert you in the event of a problem with the pumps.

Pits located inside your home are currently constructed of plastic or fiberglass. In the past the pits were often made of metal and over time they corrode and begin to leak sewer gas or liquids. This is often a source of sewer odors. In the event of a pump failure this can also contribute to waste water being released from the pit onto your floor.

If you have a problem with your sewage pump system, we will seek to remedy the situation in the most cost-effective means possible. Metcalf Plumbing will clean out the pit and determine what repair your pump, pit or pipes may need or replace the pump if it has failed.

For sewage pump installation, repair or maintenance, trust the professionals at Metcalf Plumbing and contact us or email info@metcalfplumbing.com.