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Pipe Services

Water Pipe Repair Services

Did you know that burst pipes tend to be one of the most common kinds of plumbing emergencies that we deal with? The drain system in your home or office is exposed to debris, leaves and other elements leaving pipes clogged. These obstructions can result in pipe cracks and leaks.

Even a minor pipe leak may not go away too easily. Even if you can’t see any water after you have found the initial leak, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a professional water pipe repair. Water circulates through the house under pressure, and even a tiny leak can be like a miniature fountain. Water will build up, weaken your dry walls in the wall itself or in the ceiling, and eventually lead to major damage. Our company has the tools to get your leaking pipes fixed and working the way they are supposed to.

Signs to Look for

  • Rusty metal, cast iron, and copper pipes can result in leaks
  • Water high in magnesium and calcium can slow the flow of water and corrode pipes, necessitating a water pipe repair
  • Bad installation of outdoor and drain pipes leads to burst pipes
  • Stains on walls signify a leak or bust
  • Discolored water may mean rusty pipes
  • Lower water pressure signifies a problem
  • Temperature below freezing can cause pipes to crack
  • Low-quality pipes can result in problems
  • Clogged pipes play havoc with water pressure, resulting in bursts
  • Corrosion of older pipes

Iron or Copper Broken Pipe Repair

One problem we often come across is that different houses have different kinds of pipes. Whether you have iron, copper, PVC, or stainless-steel pipes, each has its own unique way of being fixed and different connections and pipes might not be compatible. In older homes especially, leaking pipes could be corroding.

Metcalf Plumbing’s experienced team of fully licensed and insured plumbers specialize in pipe repair services. Our team has helped homeowners and businesses owners in the Catonsville and Ellicott City area and beyond with their water pipe repair and water pipe leaks. Call Metcalf Plumbing today at 410-242-3111 today or email us at info@metcalfplumbing.com. You can also reach us by filling out our contact us form.