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Does Your Home Need Polybutylene Pipe Replacement?

Does Your Home Need Polybutylene Pipe Replacement?

Does your home need polybutylene pipe replacement? Checking any exposed plumbing is a great way to find out!

Your home’s plumbing, wiring, and ventilation systems are all critical pieces of infrastructure. Maintaining these systems is essential for your home’s comfort, value, and safety. Some home plumbing systems installed between the late 1970s and late 1990s may utilize a plastic resin material called “polybutylene.” Polybutylene pipes were seen as a low-cost plumbing solution for areas in cold climates. However, over time, these pipes have shown a tendency to degrade and burst. If your home was built or had its plumbing replaced between the late 70s and late 90s, you may need polybutylene pipe replacement.

First Things First: Identifying Polybutylene Pipes

If your home’s pipes were installed before the mid-1970s or after the late 1990s, you probably don’t have to worry about polybutylene pipes. For homeowners who are unsure about their pipes, looking at exposed plumbing can help sort things out. Exposed pipes near your water heater, underneath sinks, or on your home’s exterior may be easily identifiable as polybutylene pipes. Although the material is known as “Big Blue,” some pipes may also be gray, black, white, or silver. Look for markings that include the letters “PB,” and contact the team at Metcalf Plumbing if you suspect that you may need polybutylene pipe replacement.

Why Do People Opt For Polybutylene Pipe Replacement?

It is not a guarantee that all polybutylene pipes will degrade and burst. However, it is a likely enough possibility that polybutylene is no longer used in new plumbing systems and many homeowners opt for polybutylene pipe replacement. In many situations, polybutylene pipe replacement is no small task. Despite this, many homeowners view replacement as a valuable investment. Homes with Big Blue can experience significant water damage if a pipe bursts, and replacement is an effective preventative measure.

Why You Should Consider It

Although polybutylene pipe replacement may seem like an unnecessary undertaking if you haven’t spotted any leaks, the process can help ensure that your home does not experience a sudden flood. Polybutylene pipes typically degrade from the inside, and they can appear stable up until they break. Homeowners must weigh the price and effort of preventative replacement against the massive costs and devastation that occur in the aftermath of a sudden flood. If you think that your home may have polybutylene pipes, reach out to the team at Metcalf Plumbing.

Experience the Metcalf Plumbing Difference

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